Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So this is what it takes...

A sex scandal. Forget about going to war under false pretenses, creeping authoritarianism, repeated demonstrations of incompetence, and sanctimonious flag-waving. The thing that's going to bring the Republicans down is a good, juicy, old-fashioned sex scandal!

Color me underwhelmed. First of all, if the last few elections have taught me anything, it's not to get overly enthusiastic over the Democrats' chances of winning any kind of majority in Congress. Congressional Democrats are, as a rule, spineless wastes of flesh and air. Republicans may be evil, but at least they have a fucking plan. The Democrats don't have a plan. They don't even have a wild hair of a sketch of a plan. They're looking at the Foley mess with gratitude in their hearts because God knows they couldn't come to us with anything meaningful on their own.

But secondly, what the hell does this say about the United States that the one thing that's probably going to have a significant impact on the next election is that a Congressman had cybersex with underage pages, and that the Republican leadership covered it up? Forget about the war, we got us a real issue.

The best thing that can happen this November? Complete turnover. Send every single goddamned Representative and every third Senator home. I don't care if it means voting for a Republican, or Libertarian, or Communist, or even a fucking Nazi, it is time to completely clean house.



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