Friday, August 18, 2006

The junkie needs a new fix

Hell's Kitchen is closed. So You Think You Can Dance has put away the disco ball. Treasure Hunters (which is what The Amazing Race should have been) will award booty next week.

What's left? Big Brother? Yeah, right. My wife and I watched our first ever episode last night (mainly due to the hilarious recaps from Television Without Pity's divine Miss Alli) because we had to see Evil Dr. Will for ourselves. And now that we have, well, I think we've seen enough to keep us satisfied for the remainder of the decade at least.

In case it isn't clear by now, I am addicted to "reality" programming. It's not something I like to admit about myself, but I rationalize it by saying I like the good stuff, the "reality" shows where you win by being smarter or faster or more talented than your peers. Talent competitions like American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance, or puzzle-based shows like Treasure Hunters or the first couple of seasons of The Amazing Race (before it got all Fear Factor-y). Treasure Hunters has proven to be a highly addictive show, even despite the Wild Hanlons and the Fogels. Anyway, all the good shows have wrapped up, and I'm not sure where to get my next fix. I can tell it isn't going to be Big Brother, which manages to be irritating and boring simultaneously.

Not that there isn't good stuff to watch. Life On Mars is an excellent show, a cross between Quantum Leap and The Sweeney. Sam Tyler is in a coma in 2006, and his conscious mind is solving crimes back in 1973.

I have to wait until effing OCTOBER before I get my Battlestar Galactica fix, though, and that's proving to be rough.



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