Saturday, October 20, 2007

The new new kid

The menagerie expands yet again.

Meet Gregor:


Your basic yellow dog. He is named after Gregor Mendel, since his genetics are ... complicated. His mom is part Golden Retriever. After that, it's a mystery. He's a water-loving dog (at least he'll play the hell out of the water in his water dish). Several people have claimed they see Lab or Chow in there. My sister-in-law the vet simply says, "he's a very mixed breed," and that we really won't know what all he has in him until he's six months old or so.

We picked him up Friday afternoon from a person in our raw food coop. She had adopted a dog from the local animal shelter who somehow missed getting spayed. Several weeks later she found she'd gotten a 7 for 1 deal. Gregor's litter is a mixed bag, with at least two separate fathers.

His first night was fairly uneventful (two accidents, but only because the sleepy apes were slow to recognize the signs of Full Puppy Syndrome). He's still fairly timid, which suits the cats just fine. Their reactions have ranged from total indifference, to cautious surveillance, to, well, this:

Lewis and Gregor

Lewis spent the entire night staring at Gregor. Thankfully he was less interested today. Gregor's been swiped at a couple of times and shook it off fairly well.

Both my wife and I grew up with dogs, but this is our first time raising a puppy. It's...different.



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