Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It still lives!

Jesus, I haven't posted anything since March?! Shows you how much I've had to say about...anything.

Not that I have that much to say today. Just taking a lunch break from trying to get back into writing C++. It's kind of scary how much I forget when we're in the design phase. Getting back into coding always feels like that first day back in school after summer break; I wind up spending about three or four days making really stupid mistakes before everything clicks again. And I never really mastered all the intricacies of C++ formatted I/O. After having my brain damaged by C for a couple of decades, the C++ iostream model just doesn't make sense to me. Flexibility and extensibility are nice, but the cost in code complexity just doesn't feel like a fair tradeoff to me.

I just want to build a class that can read a script from a file and drive a test harness. Is that so much to ask?



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